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Advanced Search Keyword Tips allows you to tailor search results by "all words", "exact phrase", or "one or more words". In addition, Advanced Search permits exclusion of unwanted words.

"All of these words" The search will produce all records that contain every word in this search field regardless of the order in which they appear in the record.

For example, a search on "Management and Program Analyst" will yield instances of "Management and Program Analyst" as well as "management and program analysis.” We’re not using synonyms here so it would find any references of “Management” and “Program” both appearing in the JOA but not necessarily side by side.

"This Exact Phrase" Acts as quotes and will return results where the exact words entered appears together in a JOA. No synonyms

For example, a search on "Management and Program Analyst" will only yield instances of "Management and Program Analyst" and not "Program Analyst". In this field, search terms with three or fewer characters may be used.

"Any of these words" - Type one or more words. For example, typing "Breast Cancer" would find articles with any or all of the words.

For example, a search on "HR Specialist" will only yield instances with "HR and Specialist"

"Words Similar To" - Words that are similar to some or all of your search results For example, a search on "Super" yield instances of "Supervisor"

"But none of these words" The search results must not include any of the words entered

Note: In Advanced Search, the top of the results page displays a translation of the search criteria into the relevant inclusion, exclusion, or other operators. This detailed display may help users edit their searches more quickly or apply operators to Basic Search.

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