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What is the USAJOBS mobile app?

The USAJOBS mobile app is designed only to be a search companion for job seekers. App users can
search jobs, track application status and connect to USAJOBS social media pages while away from their
computers. This app is not meant to replace or act the same as the main website. You cannot apply for
a job via this app.
Our mobile application is designed to keep you up-to-date on potential job opportunities while you’re
away from your computer. You can view and identify opportunities which fit your search criteria.
The mobile application allows you to search with filters, save jobs and view your application status while
you are on-the-go.
Once you return to a computer, you can search and apply to jobs using all of USAJOBS functionality to
help you find a job…easier.

How do I download the USAJOBS mobile app?

The USAJOBS mobile application can help you view and identify job opportunities while you are away
from your computer. Download the app, stay informed and keep searching for jobs while you’re “on-the-
For Apple:
Click App Store application and install the USAJOBS app.
For Android:
Click Google Play application and install the USAJOBS app.

What can I do on the USAJOBS mobile app?

While you are away from your computer, stay connected to USAJOBS! The mobile app provides you the
following features to keep you informed:
Search Jobs: search through thousands of jobs by using filters such as keywords, location, job
category and agency to find the right opportunity
Searches: reflects the saved search criteria you have used to look for jobs of interest. You can view
your current saved searches and create new ones right from your smart phone!
Notices: stay informed about your USAJOBS account and get information on your application status
Applies: view a list of applications that you have submitted
Saved Jobs: review the jobs you have saved in your account
Settings: review app settings and set your job searches to show status positions, saved search
notifications and application status
Social media: connect with the USAJOBS community or join the conversation by following us on
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages

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