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How to see your application and job status

Why do I see a job status instead of an application status?

We are now displaying a job status on your application dashboard instead of the individual application status. This change provides you with the most accurate information about your job applications.

After you apply for a job, the hiring agency is responsible for providing the status of your application (for example, application received or referred). You can check your application status by clicking the Track this application link for each application. The hiring agency may also send you emails with updates on your application.

How do I see my application status?

  1. Sign into your USAJOBS profile.
  2. Go to your Applications located on your Dashboard page—your active applications display automatically by the date they were last updated.
  3. Review your list of applications. The job status is highlighted for each application.
  4. Click Track this application to view your application status. The link will take you to the hiring agency application system, which has the most up-to-date status of your application.
  5. Click the + to see more application details.

You can also find and filter your applications.

If you don't see the Track this application link, contact the agency point of contact on the job announcement.

An application status is only available if you submit your resume through USAJOBS using the Apply button. We can't track your application if you submitted it to an agency website or any other method such as fax, email, or mail.

What is a job status?

A job status tells you where the job is in the hiring process—whether a hiring agency is accepting applications, reviewing applications, has completed the hiring process, or canceled the job.

Accepting applications

This job announcement is open and accepting applications. You can apply now.

Reviewing applications

The job announcement is closed, and the hiring agency is reviewing applications. This status will display until the hiring process is complete. If you want to see more details about your application status, click Track this application.

Hiring complete

Hiring is completed and the position is filled.

NOTE: Currently, you will see Reviewing applications even if the hiring is complete. The hiring agencies are responsible for marking a position as hiring complete and are updating their application systems to show this status in mid-2021.

Job canceled

The agency withdrew the job announcement and did not hire anyone. An agency can cancel a job announcement any time after they post a job.

Job closed

The job's closing date passed, and the hiring agency did not receive any applications through our online application process. This status will also appear for jobs that do not accept online applications, and the closing date has passed.

Are there status delays for faxed documents?

Yes. If you fax a resume or any other documents, there may be a delay between when the documents are faxed and when they appear as received on an application. If you have questions about the status of your faxed documents, contact the hiring agency.

How long can you keep your applications?

We will permanently remove all applications (active and archived) 36 months after the closing date. You can print the announcements or export application information to excel if you wish to keep a record of them beyond the 36-month period.

How to find and filter applications

You can find and filter your active and archived job applications by status—this is the status the hiring agency reports to USAJOBS.


  1. Choose either your Active or Archived application list.
  2. Click Find & filter applications.
  3. Select at least one of the status checkboxes. You can select more than one status at a time.
  4. Review your applications list—the applications will automatically filter based on your selection.


  1. Choose either your Active or Archived application list.
  2. Click Find & filter applications.
  3. Enter a job title, agency or job announcement number into the search field and click the search icon or press return.
  4. Review your applications list.

Have questions about the job status?

The hiring agency sends the status to USAJOBS. USAJOBS does not have any control over the status or lack of a status. You can access updates from the agency by using the Track this application link in your USAJOBS profile or contact the agency point of contact on the job announcement.

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