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How to add languages in your profile

You can add languages that you speak, write or read fluently or proficiently, to your profile. You can add more than one language.

Why add languages?

Showing that you're proficient in more than one language can set you apart from other applicants. If you make your resume and profile searchable, recruiters can find you based on your language skills.

To add a language:

  1. Select the language from the drop down.
  2. Select if your proficiency with the language is novice, intermediate or advanced.
  3. Click Save language.
  4. Repeat these steps for each language you want to add.

What do novice, intermediate and advanced mean?


You have limited experience with the language – you can speak, read or write very basic words, phrases and simple messages with some accuracy.


You have more experience with the language than a novice, but you're not yet advanced. You can speak, read or write about everyday topics and simple facts and ideas. Native-speakers of the language, who are used to non-native learners, may be able to understand you.


You have extensive experience with the language. You can speak, read or write clearly about a range of topics. You can use and understand the past, present and future tenses. You can communicate and understand the main ideas and details in conversations and written materials. Native-speakers of the language, including those not used to non-native learners, can understand you.

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