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How to filter results by pay

You can filter your search results by salary or pay grade.


Each job announcement will display a starting salary. When you filter by a salary range, we'll show you all of the jobs that have a starting salary within that range. You may see multiple GS grades and pay schedules in your results.

Hourly wage

When you filter by salary, we convert the hourly wages to annual salaries and show you any hourly jobs that fall within your salary range.

Pay Grade

When you search by a GS grade or range of grades, we'll show you jobs that match the grade(s) and any non-GS jobs that are equivalent in salary. For example, to search for jobs that fall within the GS 9 and GS 12 levels, click GS 9 and then click GS 12. We'll show you all jobs that are GS 9, GS 10, GS 11 or GS 12.

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